James Dorsey

53 Kingshill Road, Manchester, M21 9HD, UK. Tel: +44 (0)7780 532450.
E-mail: j.dorsey@umist.ac.uk Date of Birth: 2nd January 1977 Nationality: British


1998 - 2002 UMIST, Physics Department, (Atmospheric Physics Research Group).
Ph.D. research project entitled “Aspects of Biosphere Atmosphere Exchange and Chemical Processing of Aerosol”.
+ Thesis based on measurements taken in several field projects in Britain and abroad. The work involved development of an aerosol eddy covariance measurement system based on a commercial sensor modified for high frequency use. An extensive suite of data analysis tools was developed as part of the system. The resulting data were interpreted using microphysical and micrometeorological models.
+ Participated in several international experiments on cloud microphysics and trace gas and aerosol fluxes. Published the first ever direct measurements of urban aerosol fluxes. Consultancy work on aerosol in power station plumes for a UK power generation firm.
+ Experience of operation, maintenance, calibration and software development for numerous aerosol and micrometeorological instruments.
+ Presentations made as part of the research resulted in two research council awards.
+ Laboratory demonstrator for various undergraduate courses and the MSc Physics of the Atmospheric Environment course. Experiments included introduction to cutting edge research instrumentation, and basic physics and statistics.

1995 - 1998 UMIST, Physics Department. BSc (Hons) Physics, - 2(i)

+ Courses included: Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Climate and Energy, Remote Sensing and Radiation Pollution, Computation and Approximate Numerical Methods, Statistical Mechanics, Optics and Fourier Methods, Electromagnetism.
+ Research projects on the electrical properties of rime ice with reference to thunderstorm electrification.

1993 - 1995 Harrogate College

A-levels: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English Law.


2001 - Date Research Associate, Atmospheric Physics Research Group, Physics Department, UMIST.
+ Working on EU Framework V programme on Oxidised Nitrogen emission from European forests. Research largely self directed according to the needs of a large consortium.
+ Responsible for eddy covariance flux measurements of NO, NO2, O3, CO2 and H2O fluxes. Co-ordinated an international field experiment involving several European research groups, and state of the art instrumentation.
+ Responsible for development of a multi-layer canopy micrometeorological model in response to the results of these field measurements. Further parameterisation of this model for inclusion in a regional climate / circulation scheme (EMEP) in collaboration with a large European consortium. Responsible for project budget.
+ Seconded to TNO division of Environment, Energy and Process Innovation, the Nether- lands, working with Dr. J.H. Duyzer on modelling the response of soil chambers to trace gas emission. Worked on written reports and research papers as a “language consultant”.

+ Designed and constructed an automated dynamic chamber system for gas flux measurements.

1998 + Industrial project on quality control and testing for a carpet manufacturer in Preston. Research on the variability of industry standard test results on the electrical properties of carpets. Communication of these results and their implications to a commercial, non- scientific customer.

1995 - 1999 + Hang gliding instructor (TI) and part time operations manager for Pennine Hang Gliding Centre in West Yorkshire. Responsible for practical and theoretical training of up to thirty student pilots per day. Arranged appropriate staffing levels and planned training activities in the UK and abroad.
+ Maintained both the sales and operational aspects of the business in the chief instructor's absence. Worked as part of a large team delivering high quality instruction and sales support.


+ Extensive experience of general Windows and UNIX “Office” type applications.
+ Experience in developing biogeophysical and meteorological models in FORTRAN under Windows, Linux and Solaris. Comprehensive knowledge of Matlab programming.
+ Some knowledge of ANSI C, Pascal, Visual Basic and PCB design software.
+ Full clean driving licence (car and motorcycle).
+ Undergone laser safety training including medical examination for laser operations to class 3(b).
+ Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
+ Working knowledge of German language.


+ Currently under training for JAR (UK) private pilot licence.
+ Motorcycling, classic MG sports cars, vehicle maintenance.
+ Hill based un-powered and foot launched powered hang gliding, qualified coach.
+ Playing guitar, reading, occasional substitute for local pool team.


+ Dr. J.H. Duyzer, Senior Scientist, TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie, Postbus 342, 7300 AH, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Tel: + 31 (0) 55 549 3944. Email: j.h.duyzer@mep.tno.nl
+ Dr. M.W. Gallagher, Senior Lecturer, Physics Department, UMIST, Manchester, M60 1QD, UK. (Current supervisor). Tel: + 44 (0) 161 200 3937. E-mail: martin.gallagher@umist.ac.uk
+ Dr. K. Pilegaard, Head of Plant – Environment Interactions Programme, Risø National Laboratory, Building PRD-309, P.O. Box 49, Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark