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This section contains my PhD thesis. Submitted in November 2002, it details some fundamentals of micrometeorology, the design, construction and software development for a novel aerosol flux measurement system, along with measurements of aerosol fluxes above an urban area (Edinburgh, UK) and managed grassland. Results are interpreted using a variety of models.

Each section is available as HTML or as a PDF file. I reccommend using the PDFs unless you only want a quick browse. The HTML version contains lots of unrecognised (mostly Greek) characters, and I'm not concerned enough to go through fixing it. Please also note that the page formatting is not ideal for HTML viewing. Alternatively, the whole thesis is available as a zip file.

Full thesis
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Abstract and contents
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Introduction to aerosol flux
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Introduction to micrometeorology
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CPC Aerosol flux measurement system
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Aerosol deposition to grassland
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Aerosol growth by condensation
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Urban aerosol emission
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Urban micrometeorology
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