FAQ @ www.surface-exchange.net

Some questions keep recurring. Here they are. If yours isn't covered, send it in to james@surface-exchange.net

1) What's the website about?

It's somewhere for me to keep work related stuff that I need access to while moving about. It might turn into something else in future, but that's about it for now.

2) Where can I find more information about X?

If it relates (even tangentially) to something on the site, I might be able to help, - E-mail me. If not, try here instead.

3) Do you want me to E-mail you about herbal viagra, get rich quick working from home schemes, cheap software, Nigerian funds transfers or bankers' drafts?

Categorically not. And depending on the nature of the E-mail, I'm quite likely to report you.

Obviously none of the information on this site comes with any guarantees of accuracy or even sanity. If it helps, let us know. If it doesn't, then bad luck. Try here instead.

Modified:   12/10/2004